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BOOK ONE in the series presents a biographical overview of the life and times of the Jesuit missionary priest, Jean-Pierre Médaille, S.J. in 17th Century France. Recognized by his Jesuit provincials for his excellent intellectual qualities and sublime knowledge of the interior life, he became a well-loved preacher of the Parish Missions throughout the dioceses of southern France. He wrote 128 wisdom sayings called Maxims of Perfection which contain the essence of his spirituality. Jean-Pierre Médaille is recognized as a spiritual abba in the Desert Fathers tradition. He is the founder of the Congregation of Sisters of St. Joseph who today (2018) number 11,000 women and span the world in fifty-three countries.

There is a deepening hunger for spirituality in our day which usually surfaces in the throes of chaos and disruption. The energy of Love is what can carry us personally and collectively in this 21st century. For those who desire to live in communion and community, with mysticism and depth in this fractured world, these spiritual maxims offer grounding and enlightenment. This spirituality carries a wisdom and sustenance that cuts across centuries, across world crises and diverse cultures. Reflection questions after each Lesson make the book very practical for individual use but perhaps more for communal use. These Maxims of Perfection give to all persons “words for life” that will bear fruit in abundance.

About The Author

Rosemary O'Toole CSJ

Rosemary O’Toole CSJ(Sisters of St. Joseph) and spiritual directors from The Upper Room Home of Prayer in Ottawa, Canada are creating a library of books on various core spiritual teachings. This Future Full of Hope series of 15 small books is their 30th anniversary ‘pay it forward’ gift to Christians. These books can be purchased for individual study and reflection or used in school, parish or home groups. Concise, yet comprehensive, these teachings can guide and inspire many on their spiritual journeys.