Inspirational Nuggets from God’s Word

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“Inspirational Nuggets from God’s Word” will encourage and strengthen your journey with God. Through pages of her personal experience, messages from God’s word and hope filled devotionals, the author reveals gems of God’s goodness and faithfulness.


The purpose of this book is to show that His word is indeed a treasure of gems worth seeking!


“The law of thy mouth is better unto me, than thousands of gold and silver” Psalm 119:72

About The Author

Blanche Shorte

Rev. Blanche Short’s years of walking with God, were enhanced by varied ministries in which she was privileged to serve. In addition to many years of pastoring, she served as a missionary to alcoholics and children of downtown Brooklyn, New York, USA. She also served as Supervisor of 100 Huntley Street Counselling Centre for the province of Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada sharing hope to the broken, wounded lives seeking spiritual guidance. Today, she still ministers as God opens doors to fill pulpits, speak at ladies gatherings and other opportunities to share His word.