Explore is an introductory Bible study using the books of John, Romans and Galatians. It addresses the questions of who is Jesus, why is the Bible good news and what is Christian freedom.

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What have you heard about Jesus? About the Christian way of life? Where have you heard it? The media? The internet? Word of mouth? Everyone has an opinion, but so few take the time to investigate the primary source relating to Jesus and the Christian faith for themselves.

Explore guides you through three important books of the Bible that answer the questions:

•          Who is Jesus?

•          What is the good news

•          What is Christian freedom?

Explore contains 21 “guideposts” along the way, directing the reader to the main points of the text and facilitating conversation with others on the path. Grab your hiking boots. Let’s explore together.

Format: 5.5 by 8.5 inches

Number of pages: 141

ISBN: 978-1-988422-09-1 

About The Author

Dan Byrne

Dan Byrne is an ordained minister of the Evangelical Free Church of Canada and the English Pastor at the Ottawa Chinese Bible Church. He holds a Master of Divinity and an MA in Global Studies from Providence Theological Seminary. He has lived his faith in China, Japan, the United States and Canada and now lives in Ottawa, Ontario with his wife Jean and three children.