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Discern Products is soliciting manuscripts that have a Christian message. We accept material for review both directly from authors and through agents. Submission of manuscripts should include a one page summary that highlights the message of the book, a brief bio of the author and at least two chapters.

As mentioned in the About Us section, Discern Products is able to offer authors a better financial package because of the lower cost due to working with the international team. There are two other ways in which Discern Products differs from typical traditional publishers. Authors are offered more control over the final product as long as the professional quality is not compromised. And the time taken to publish a work is much shorter. Click here for details of the steps to publish a book and how Discern Products differs from the industry.

 Submissions should be sent to


Author Endorsements:

“I am most grateful to Discern Products for their generosity of service in publishing our new book series called Future Full of Hope. From the onset, they have guided me through some refining of editing details and made wise suggestions for layout and production. They are readily available and we worked in a wonderful partnership helping to create these books and move them into circulation.

Once produced, they have vigourously complimented each book and promoted their distribution among many diverse groups seeking solid Christian spirituality. As a publisher, they are keen and skilled to expand the possible audiences. Heartfelt thanks and high praise for a thoughtful and gifted publisher.”  Rosemary O'Toole CSJ


“Discern Products and John Brooks went the extra mile to make my publishing dream a reality. John’s insights helped me fine tune my manuscript to deepen the gospel message of hope so that the story went beyond a Christian romance. He includes me in the decision-making process, and I trust him to successfully deal with the business aspect of publishing. His encouragement is genuine and faith in Jesus Christ rock solid.”  Janell Butler Wojtowicz, Author of Embracing Hope